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What is a Brazilian Wax, and how is it Different from Other Waxing Procedures?

There are numerous different ways through which Brazilian wax can be described. At My Honey Bare, we believe Brazilian wax is the way to go if you wish to go completely bare down there. All the unwanted hair, every single strand is taken off from the bikini top and sides, also including the treasure trail. All the unwanted hair is also removed from your labia area through to the top of your bottom.

If you require a modified Brazilian wax with a design left on the top, all you have to do is request our aesthetician, and we will make it work for. Get creative and let us help you out! We can leave a strip of hair, or a triangle on the top, or taper the hair down to the perineum, whatever you want, we have it! We at My Honey Bare understand that not everyone wants to take every hair off, some men and women like to more of a natural triangle. Just be very specific with what you want, and we will make it happen for you!

Will the Brazilian Wax Hurt

Yes, of course, ripping hair out of the follicles is not going to be a walk in the park, however with our expert aestheticians at your service, what you would expect to be an utterly uncomfortable experience is only going to be a little painful. It helps if your aesthetician has broad expertise when it comes to hair removal, particularly with Brazilian Waxes. Our professionals hold your skin taut, and might even ask for your help.

We advise that you do not go for a Brazilian wax four days before and four days after your menstrual cycle since you might feel a lot more pain on these days. However, if you must undergo the process on these days it is recommended that you eat an Advil at least twenty minutes before the appointment. Brazilian waxes can sometimes also be more comfortable if you are tired or feeling a little under the weather. Even though it is still fine to get waxed on these days but it is our duty to put it out there that it might a little uncomfortable for you.

If you decide to get waxed during your menstrual cycle, kindly arrive at your appointment clean and with a new tampon. Whatever you have heard about the pain factor, just let it go! It is really not that bad when you have My Hone Bare at service! If you arrive at the appointment and feel like you just cannot handle it, just let us know. If you want to take a break during the process, we will be more than willing to give you a little breather.

Can You Use a Numbing Cream Before You Wax?

At My Honey Bare, we recommend that you rather did not. Numbing creams tend to interfere with the wax application, and can also sometimes lead to allergic reactions. For example, someone could be allergic to benzocaine that contains an anti-itch formula without them knowing about it. If you apply it before the waxing process, the area becomes itchy. You might think that it is an allergic reaction to the wax and reapply the numbing cream, which can lead to worsening the situation. It would help if you generally were wary of using chemicals around this sensitive area. Therefore, please avoid any numbing creams and spray before your appointment.

Will You Be Comfortable After the Waxing Process

For all of those who are going to get a Brazilian wax for the very first time, we would say ‘probably yes.’ Let us just put it this way the coarser your hair is, and the more sensitive your skin is bound to be. If you have coarse hair, the more sensitive you will be both before and after the waxing process. Some of our first time clients are uncomfortable for the first hour while others might feel a little sore for a day after the procedure. Please bear in mind that you must refrain from wearing tight jeans if it is your first time getting a Brazilian wax. Do not throw yourself into a dancing class or do anything that is going to involve a lot of friction afterward.

The best way through which you can minimize your discomfort is to take ibuprofen twenty minutes before your appointment and another one after the waxing process. Also, use a cold compressor on the area if you need, however never place ice directly on your skin. You will not have to do this every single time, but it might help you for the first couple of times. Once you start waxing regularly, the process is going to become a lot easier, and you might not feel uncomfortable after you have finished waxing.

P.S: We have relaxing balms to treat your skin after your Brazilian wax for instant relief!

Can You Get A Brazilian Wax While You Are on Your Period?

Yes, of course, you can! Just remember the following facts, and you are all set.

  1. You will be a little more sensitive
  2. You must wear a clean tampon before the process begins
  3. Take an ibuprofen twenty minutes before your appointment.

How Long Should You Wait After Shaving to Get a Brazilian Wax Done

If you have never gotten a Brazilian wax before, but you have made up your mind to get one before a big event, it is recommended that you get it a couple of days before the big day. You must plan and try to get at least two waxes before the event. This ensures that the first wax, which is a lot more uncomfortable, is out of the way. After the second Brazilian wax, the results are bound to be much better, and you will not be uncomfortable on your special day.

How Long Will the Brazilian Wax Results Last

To be honest, it varies from person to person. The hair growth cycles are dependent upon the person and also the cultural background. Remember, that shaved hair does not grow back after one cycle. We have noticed that shaved hair tends to spring up days after the wax.  This is mostly because the customers do not want to wait for all the hair to grow out. However, when it comes to a Brazilian wax, you will notice that your hair growth will be a lot slower and finer. Hair, which grows after you shave it off, is much thicker since it gets cut off at its thickest point. If you are a shaver and this is your first Brazilian waxing experience, do not expect a completely smooth skin. Silky smooth skin comes along with a lot of time as well as patience. Let your hair grow out, and trust us, it’s worth the wait!

We understand that the four to six weeks of the ‘growing in’ time can be a little frustrating. Here is our advice, if you have to go to the beach or have some other important event, shave the sides of the bikini lines, or come in and let our team fix it. Do not shave off the top part since that is the area where hair tends to grow slower and thicker, and it is a good idea to let your hair grow out.

Can You Get a Brazilian Wax if you are Pregnant?

Yes, we do; however, it is advised that you consult with your doctor before you book an appointment. Just like getting a wax done while you are on your period can leave you more sensitive, so can getting it done when you are pregnant. We would recommend that you wait until your second trimester to get a Brazilian wax done.

Do We Wax Men?

Yes, we do provide Brazilian waxing services to men as well!

Can You Go Tanning Before or After A Brazilian Wax?

We would recommend that you do not get a tan before or after the Brazilian wax. Your skin will be extremely sensitive since waxing is an exfoliation process. Nonetheless, airbrush tanning after a Brazilian wax is fine.

Can You Bring Your Friend or Partner in the Room to Watch?

Our answer is no, and we have a valid reason for it. Having another person in the room with you can distract the aesthetician, as the staff working with us at My Honey Bare focuses wholly and solely on the client when it comes to Brazilian waxing. If you are the first time having someone in the room with you can lead to you feeling a lot more nervous than you already are.

What can I do to prepare?
Avoid caffeine for 5 hours before your appointment to reduce sensitivity, and if desired, take an Ibuprofin 30 minutes before your appointment. To make your experience even more comfortable, we recommend using a topical anesthetic, which we have available for purchase, 15 to 20 minutes before your appointment.

May I take an over-the-counter pain reliever, such as Ibuprofin, before I get waxed or sugared?
Yes. Taking Ibuprofen a half-hour before your appointment may minimize waxing pain.

Can I drink coffee before my appointment?
It’s better to wait until afterwards, as caffeine makes skin more sensitive.

What should I wear to get my treatment?
Wear anything you like. Looser clothing, such as comfy shorts or a dress, will help you to feel more comfortable after your wax or sugaring treatment.

What can I expect after my treatment?
Your skin will feel tender for about 48 hours. Taking Ibuprofin will reduce inflammation and sensitivity.

Can I get a tan after waxing or sugaring my skin?
We recommend waiting 48 hours after a wax or sugaring treatment before hitting the tanning bed, to avoid skin irritation. If you’re going to be in the sun, use sunscreen.

Can I exercise after my treatment?
Perspiration can make your skin feel irritated after a wax or sugaring treatment, so wait 48 hours if you can.

Should I exfoliate to avoid ingrown hairs?
Yes. A couple of days after your treatment, try using a loofah sponge or brush to exfoliate your skin in the shower. If you do this daily, it can help prevent ingrown hair.

Can I take a bath or get in the hot tub after waxing?
Intense heat, like saunas, hot tubs, and even hot baths can make your skin feel irritated after a wax, and may even cause infection. Wait 48 hours before getting into a hot tub or sauna.

Can I go swimming after a wax or sugaring treatment?
Wait 48 hours before getting into a swimming pool, to avoid irritation and/or infection.

What products can I use on my skin after waxing or sugaring?
Wait several hours after waxing to use deodorant, moisturizer or other products, to avoid clogging pores.

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