We wax unwanted hair anywhere and everywhere!

Affordable, Comfy, and Experienced Exceptional Waxing service

As the pioneers of Brazilian wax in Plano, we use unique techniques and approaches to provide exceptional Brazilian waxing services in Dallas. Our team has devoted our hearts to delivering premium waxing services to all our clients.

We love what we do, and taking care of you is our number one priority.

Whether you’re new to waxing or have visited other waxing service providers in the past, we will provide an unmatched experience. We have worked alongside a lot of first timers and specialize in different types of hair growth. From bikini to Brazilian, we have mastered various waxing techniques. All you have to do is tell us what you want and let us take care of the rest.

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Clean and Relaxed Environment

The team at My Honey Bare invites you to come and get the best Brazilian wax in Dallas in a clean and calm environment. All our services are offered in private treatment rooms. Our specialists can wax anywhere and everywhere to provide a smooth experience!

At My Honey Bare we offer:

  1. The best Brazilian waxing
  2. Back waxing
  3. BSC (butt, sac, and crack) wax

The choice is yours to take!

It is our ultimate goal to offer an excellent experience to each one of our clients. Our aim is to not only provide the most exhaustive waxing in Dallas but also to alleviate the apprehension as well as discomfort that is often associated with the overall waxing process.

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Call 469-919-BARE (2273) or visit our booking page to book your treatment today.

Brazilian Wax

45 min

Women: $65 | Men: $85

Sugaring :                $75 |          $95

Our most popular service! Dare to bare it all or leave a little extra behind. Includes the inner backside.

Brazilian 3-Pack

30 min each

Women: $175 | Men: $295

The bad news? Hair grows back. The good news? You can save money on each treatment when you buy a Brazilian 3-Pack.

Extended Bikini

30 min

Women: $55+ | Men: $65+

Sugaring :                $65+ |          $75+

As modest as basic bikini, but not as daring as the Brazilian. The perfect in-between to show off your sexiest thong.

Basic Bikini

15 min

Women: $35+ | Men: $35+

Sugaring :                $45+ |          $45+

Classic chic. This service removes hair from just outside of your cutest bikini. Let us know if you’d like to try it.

Neck Wax

15 min

Women: $15 | Men: $15

Sugaring :                $20 |          $20

Is the hair on your neck a pain in one?  We got you covered.

Chest Wax – Full

30 min

Women : $45 | Men: $65

Sugaring :                $55 |           $65

From the neck to just below the pant line, you’ll be as smooth as Ken or Barbie—and much more suave.

Chest Wax – Upper

15 min

Women: $25  | Men: $35

Sugaring :                $25 |          $35

 This service covers the pectoral area only—not the entire chest.

Arm Wax – Full

30 min

Women: $45 | Men: $65

Sugaring :                $50 |          $70

Reach for confidence. Whether you want to show off your muscles or look more elegant in an evening gown, you’ll look super smooth with this treatment, which removes all hair from shoulders to fingertips.

Arm Wax – Lower

15 min

Women: $35 | Men: $45

Sugaring :                $40 |          $50

There’s no need to pay full price if you only need half your arm waxed. Our Lower Arm Wax covers the area from above the elbow to the tips of your fingers.

Arm Wax – Upper

15 min

Women: $25 | Men: $35

Sugaring :                $30 |          $40

Show off your biceps with an Upper Arm Wax. We’ll remove all hair from your shoulder, to just below your elbow.

Underarm Wax

15 min

Women: $25 | Men: $25

Sugaring :                $30 |          $30

Popular with men and women alike, this treatment helps you feel more confident when your underarms are exposed. (We’ve also heard it makes your deodorant work better.)

Abdomen Wax – Full

15 min

Women: $30 | Men: $30

Sugaring :                $35 |          $35

Want to flaunt your six-pack or show off your favorite crop top? This treatment begins below the pecs, and extends to just below the belt line.

Abdomen Wax – Half

15 min

Women: $15 | Men: $15

Sugaring :                $20 |          $20

If only part of your stomach needs hair removal, this service will rid you of the “un-happy” trail.

Back Wax – Full

30 min

Women: $30 | Men: $65

Sugaring :                $40 |          $75

We’re bringing sexy back. Your back will be smooth from shoulder to shoulder, starting below the neck to just above the glutes. Who knows? You just may go down a shirt size.

Back Wax – Upper

15 min

Women: $20 | Men: $35

Sugaring :                $30 |          $45

Have hair growing on your upper back only? We’ll take care of that with an Upper Back Wax, covering the area from the mid-back to shoulders.

Back Wax – Lower

15 min

Women: $20 | Men: $35

Sugaring :                $30 |          $45

Get beach-ready with a Lower Back Wax, covering the area from mid-back to just above the buttocks.


30 min

Women: $30 | Men: $40

Sugaring :                $40 |          $50

Offered for both men and women, this service covers both cheeks, leaving out the area in between.  Bet your sweet cheeks you’ll be super smooth!

Inner Buttocks

15 min

Women: $20 | Men: $30

Sugaring :                $30 |          $40

We think the name says it all.

Leg Wax – Full

45 min

Women: $70 | Men: $80

Sugaring :                $80 |          $90

Get the silkiest, smoothest legs in town. When you try our hip-to-toe full leg hair removal, you’ll see why this service is so popular. You’ll want to ditch the razor.

Leg Wax – Lower

30 min

Women: $40 | Men: $50

Sugaring :                $50 |          $60

Hair often grows thicker on the calves than the thighs, keep your stems looking smooth with a Lower Leg Wax.

Leg Wax – Upper

30 min

Women: $40 | Men: $50

Sugaring :                $50 |          $60

Only need waxing on your thighs? No problem. Request an Upper Leg Wax.


15 min

Women: $10 | Men: $10

No one but Big Foot should have hairy feet. Treat your feet to hair removal from top to toe—or enjoy this as a bonus service, included with full and half leg hair service.

NOTE: We are happy to provide waxing and sugaring services for men and women. However, we don’t recommend waxing facial hair on the chin, cheeks or upper lip for men, as male facial hair is much thicker than female facial hair and does not respond as well to waxing. That said, our ear, nose and eyebrow hair waxing services are highly recommended for both men and women. Have a question about facial waxing? Just ask.

Brow Shaping

15 min

Women: $20 | Men: $20

Eyes are the windows to the soul—so the frames are important. Your wax specialist will help you find a brow shape that works best for your face, and sculpt your brows to perfection.

Brow Tint

15 min

Women: $25 | Men: $25

Whether you’re seeking the perfect match for your hair color or looking for something a little different, tinting your brows can add finesse to your look.

Tween Brow Wax

15 min

Women: $15 | Men: $15

No more unibrows. We’ll smooth out the space between your brows and shape them up beautifully, so you can walk away with confidence.

Brow Wax 3-Pack

10 min each

Women: $50 | Men: $50

Let’s make this a regular thing. Save on brow services by buying three waxes at once, and receive a $10 discount. Then, come back in for a wax whenever you need one.

Brow and Lip Combo

30 min

Women: $30

Combine beautiful brow shaping with a lip wax, to put your best face forward.

Face Wax – Full

30 min

Women: $45

We’ll remove the hair from your lip, chin, forehead, and cheeks, for one price.

Face Wax – Sideburns

15 min

Women: $15 | Men: $15

We can shape up the edges of sideburns, or remove them completely, along with the cheeks—let us know what you prefer.

Ear Wax

15 min

Women: $15 | Men: $15

Pretty self-explanatory.

Nose Wax

15 min

Women: $15 | Men: $15

Waxing your nostrils is faster and less painful than tweezing each hair one by one, and it also reduces the amount of hair that grows back next time. That’s nothing to sniff at!

Lip Wax

15 min

Women: $15

Trust us, you need this.

Chin Wax

15 min

Women: $15

Hair looks beautiful on your head. Not so much on your chin. Let’s take care of that.

Men’s Facial Package

30 min

Men: $35

Includes a brow cleanup, nose, and ears. Your Honey will love it.

Most Popular Waxing Services at My Honey Bare


The Brazilian wax is one of our most popular services. We use numerous different kinds of waxes to make sure you receive the best waxing experience of your life with minimum pain. All our female clients have complimented us after the use of this service.


Leg waxing has gained traction over the past few years as it reduces a lot of common shaving related issues, especially for those who have coarse hair. Waxing your legs weakens the follicle, which leads them to thin out over the passage of time.


Our male Brazilian wax in Dallas is yet again, one of our most popular services. Yes, you go it right; our experts will wax ‘that area’ using a customized formula that causes the least amount of pain and after wax irritation.


When it comes to chest and stomach waxing, we have everything figured out. If you have excess hair on your chest and feel uncomfortable because of it, let us at My Honey Bare help you out. Try out our chest and stomach waxing services and wave goodbye to chest hair poking out of your shirt.


Some of the most conservative men also love getting their back waxed and have been doing so for decades. Nothing beats the feeling of all your back hair gone!

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